Anomaly 2 pre-orders offer free extra copy

Tower offense Anomaly 2 will launch on May 15, developer 11 Bit Studios has announced, and you can pre-order now for a tasty little bonus. Along with the obligatory 10% discount, bringing it down to $13.49, you'll get a second copy for free to give to a friend or loved one. As the sequel introduces multiplayer, this way you needn't worry about facing those awful people of the Internet.

Pre-orders are open now direct from 11 Bit or on Steam, though 11 Bit promises a mysterious extra "bonus gift" if you buy from it. Though Steam will give you an extra 10% off if you own the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth, making it $11.99. Oh, decisions!

Anomaly inverts the usual tower defense formula, putting you in charge of an upgradeable convoy of vehicles and picking their path through hostile territory defended by towers. All vehicles can morph into mighty mechs in the sequel, and this time around there's offense vs. defense multiplayer too. Hey, check out our recent preview for more.

The news was accompanied by a new cinematic trailer, but here's some actual multiplayer action:

BOOM video 15233