Diablo 3 PlayStation 3 pre-orders get XP helm

It's been almost a year since Diablo 3 was unleashed, but the game has gotten some renewed attention because of the console versions that are in development. Now, you can start pre-ordering the PlayStation 3 version of the game and get an in-game item to make leveling easier.

Walmart, Amazon and GameStop have now started taking pre-orders for the game, and dropping $59.99 in advance will get you the Infernal Helm, which will grant your console character more experience points as you progress through the game. The helm will be wearable by all your PS3 characters, but it is not transferable to any PC characters. The redeemable code will be available in the box when you receive your game after it is released.

There are still no release details yet, or any announcement if the game will be coming to Xbox 360. Of course, Blizzard could be biding its time until May 21 to announce its popular dungeon crawler at Microsoft's Next Xbox event, as it did when it revealed the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game for Sony in February.