Rumor: Tiger Woods series on one-year hiatus

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour series is reportedly taking a year-long hiatus, a ripple effect of current financial uncertainties. Instead, the development team is said to be skipping to Tiger Woods 16, to give them time to focus on development for the new consoles.

Kotaku reported on the hiatus, citing unnamed sources. The initial plan, it reports, was to outsource development of next year's game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15. That would give the internal team more time for Tiger Woods 16. That game is reportedly still on track, but the plan to outsource Tiger Woods 15 was scrapped to shave costs when CEO John Riccitiello resigned. The game hasn't been reassigned, and some of its staff have been assigned to other games at EA Tiburon.

Electronic Arts had a round of layoffs late last week, and refused to comment on specifics. Shacknews contacted EA regarding this rumor, and received the following response: "We do not comment on rumors or speculation. With the recent launch of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and the positive response, we remain focused on making improvements and providing a great experience to our golf fans."