Rumor: Thief devs 'unhappy' with demo, holding back gameplay footage

We got a good look at the upcoming Thief reboot at GDC. However, fans who have been anxiously waiting for a glimpse have yet to see any gameplay footage. Why? Sources suggest that the development team was not thrilled with the captured video.

Polygon reports that the team was unhappy with the quality of the footage they had from the game. Only screenshots from the level were released, and the trailer provided (seen below) showed nothing of what was demoed. Oddly, that same demo took 10 months to create and used almost every content designer on the team for six of those months.

One factor could be that lead level designed Dominic Fleury chose to leave the developer some time in March as the publicity push was ramping up on the game. Thief has been in development for five years, and first announced in 2009. Polygon's source said internal strife and numerous departures from the team apparently have contributed to the delays, something that Internet sleuth superannuation reported in June of last year. BioWare developer Manveer Heir, who also lives in Montreal, tweeted that he had also heard rumors to that effect.

Still, the developer can no longer be gun-shy, as a proper showing of actual gameplay is expected to come at E3.

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