EVE dogfighting game made for Oculus Rift

Who hasn't dreamed of being in a dogfight in space? CCP, developer of EVE Online, has created a prototype for Oculus Rift that realizes that vision.

Created in seven weeks by a team at CCP, the Unity-powered prototype has players fighting in 6v6 space battles set in the EVE universe. "This is a bunch of guys in their spare time, basically last year saw what Oculus was doing, EVE executive producer Jon Lander said. It apparently "came out of the blue."

"It's a simple, arcade knockabout, but the spectacle and sensation of spinning through space and physically looking around is fantastic," a PC Gamer hands-on describes.

Unfortunately, how this experiment will fit into the EVE strategy is still a question mark. "God knows what we'll do with this," Lander said, pointing out that "6v6 instanced combat isn't what EVE--with the whole single shard thing--is about." Still, the company is clearly interested in expanding the universe in new ways, as evidenced by its ongoing roll out of PS3 shooter DUST 514.

"Is there a way to work this in? We've got some really interesting questions to look at now."