PlayStation web store adds download queues

A new feature on the PlayStation web store update makes it a little easier for you to prepare games for download. With the latest firmware installed on your systems, you can queue up a list of downloads from the web store, and then they'll begin downloading the next time you turn on your PlayStation 3 or Vita.

PSN Stores reports that while browsing the Sony Store, you can select to purchase a game and add it to your download queue. As long as you have the latest firmware installed, a prompt will appear on-screen the next time you start your system to let you download the queued items. We tested the functionality and found it worked without a hitch.

It doesn't wake the system from sleep to download, but if you have PlayStation Plus it will download the queue during its nightly sync. If the game is cross-buy, you can add it to both your PlayStation 3 and Vita queue, or just one or the other. And finally, if your PS3 is already on when you add something to the queue, it will sync up and begin downloading after a few minutes.