Final Fantasy XI getting new late-game content Monday

Final Fantasy XI may be over a decade old, but Square Enix is still pumping out new updates to keep the fans engaged. Next Monday, it will get another late-game patch to its "Seekers of Adoulin" expansion.

The update includes a new type of battle, in which up to eighteen players can enter a "fracture" to defeat five powerful monsters and their leader, with powerful equipment waiting as your reward. You can also take part in six-player fights against swarms of enemies by entering an ethereal realm from Ulbuka. That will net you some strong armor and armaments.

These updates only apply to the Seekers of Adoulin expansion, on both PC and Xbox 360, so you'll need that if you want to play with the new features. It's available as a standalone for $29.99, or as part of the "Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition" for $39.99.