Zeno Clash 2 trailer shows first six minutes

I am awfully excited to start playing Zeno Clash 2 next week, as you surely are all too, but next week is just so far away. To steady our nerves, publisher Atlus has very kindly released a trailer showing the opening six minutes of ACE Team's first-person face-puncher. Or six minutes from the start, at least, as it's now open-world-y so who knows where you'll go on your adventure?

If you're worried about spoiling the story, the opening cutscene is skipped so you mostly see Ghat wandering about and beating up odd enemies. And my, how he fights! The video shows off heaps of new moves, including air combos, a countering backwards kick, punching past blocks, and other fine ways to hurt people. Do watch for the annotations explaining how these things work.

While Ghat's punching solo here, the game also supports local and online co-op with his sister Rimat. Zeno Clash 2 comes to PC on April 30 for $20, but the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release dates are still unconfirmed.

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