Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon walkthrough trailer summons cyber-dragons

You may already have seen proper gameplay footage from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon after it leaked through Uplay, but any commentary on it was mostly likely a teenage YouTuber hurling obscenities. No, what you want is creative director Dean Evans narrating eight minutes of action from the downloadable throwback spin-off. All his swearing and wailing is officially sanctioned, see.

Blood Dragon takes Far Cry 3's open-world face-shooting formula and smooshes it with 1980s sci-fi action films to make something quite silly indeed. Ubisoft has even drafted The Terminator's Kyle Reese, actor Michael Biehn, to voice the main character, cyber-commando Sergeant Rex Colt. It's coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next week for $15.

Today's new trailer sees Evans securing a Garrison, then skipping gaily across the landscape to kill men using laser arrows, a fire-starting shotgun, shuriken, and a rampaging cyber-dragon:

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