Wasteland 2 dev: Crowdfunding means Walmart can't change content any more

Brian Fargo has been an outspoken proponent of crowdfunding since before his company successfully kickstarted Wasteland 2. However, the inXile Entertainment CEO said that one of the biggest reasons he is thrilled with the process is no more outside interference on games the audience wants made.

"We used to have to make changes to our content because of what the buyer at Walmart said," Fargo told GamesIndustry.biz. "Gatekeepers are out now. The gatekeeper and the audience are one and the same. Now that I have a symbiotic relationship through crowdfunding, my goals are exactly in sync with the customer giving me the money. We are on the same page; all we both want is a great game."

And part of that great game experience is the developer being able to create a game the audience is asking for, specifically games like Wasteland 2. There will also be no immediate push for a sequel if the game--and inXile's other crowdfunded title, Torment: Tides of Numenera--do well after launch. Fargo said it is important to give developer enough time to come up with the right ideas and not force the issue. He cited Valve, Rockstar and From Software as developers that do it right.

He added that he is relieved by the lack of publisher pressure.

"I read the other day that Tomb Raider sold [over three] million copies and they're disappointed," Fargo said. "If we sold 2 million copies, that means I build new roleplaying games for the next two decades, guaranteed."