Total War: Rome 2 trailer gives 10 minutes of gameplay

Sega teased a little of Total War: Rome II's Battle of the Teutoburg Forest mission in February, and today came back with a solid 10 minutes of narrated actual gameplay. It's an ambush rather than a straight-up army vs. army battle, so come watch doggies and horsies chasing the Romans.

The mission is inspired by an actual battle where Germanic tribes ambushed and slaughtered three Roman legions. Overwhelming numbers of warriors, warhounds, cavalry, and berserkers are on your heels in the game, with some naughty tricks up their sleeves too, so you'll need to power through the forest if you want to get anyone out alive.

Developed by The Creative Assembly, Total War: Rome 2 is due on PC later this year. TCA is also working on Total War: Arena, a MOBA-ish free-to-play game of 10v10 skirmishes.

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