Pizza Hut app hits Xbox 360 with Kinect control

The console wars may seem to have subsided as we near the end of the current cycle, as Microsoft and Sony no longer tear tufts of hair and handfuls of flesh from each other in the streets, but really it's gone underground. Microsoft yesterday launched an app letting you order Pizza Hut from your Xbox 360 with Kinect control and everything, but the real objective is clearly to humiliate Sony for its paltry PS3 pizza promotion with Papa John's four years ago.

The Create Your Pizza App lets you order discs of steaming cheese atop bread product direct from your Xbox 360 dashboard using a controller or Kinect gestures and commands, which is surely far easier than picking up a phone or using your computer. But wait, there's more! You can also share your orders to Facebook. Oh my!

Sony, in comparison, merely added a link to the Papa John's site on the console's browser homepage. What a joke! Why, that's even less useful than EverQuest 2's /pizza command, which launched a Pizza Hut website window directly from the game. In your face, Sony! PS3 will die!

You can download the app now from the app marketplace on your Xbox 360 dashboard:

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