English-language Idolm@ster games come to iOS, $55 each

Namco Bandai has released its cult rhythm game Idolm@ster on iOS, giving North American gamers a chance to see why the series has been so popular in Japan. Three games, originally released on PSP in Japan last year, can be found on the App Store, but be prepared to pay much more than the usual iOS release.

The three Shiny Festa apps, Rhythmic Record, Melodic Disc, and Harmonic Score (via TouchArcade, are listed at $54.99. They're also particularly large downloads, at roughly 2 GB to download and 3 GB once installed. Each one features a selection of J-pop songs and just over 20 minutes of animation to go with it.

To be fair, importing these games from a site like Play Asia could cost roughly the same amount or even more than the iOS versions. With Namco Bandai targeting a very specific niche, such a high price tag might be warranted--even if it seems out of place for the App Store.