The Binding of Isaac has sold two million

Pssh, who'd be interested about a boy who cries tears at manifestations of his abusive relationship with his zealously religious mother? Not Nintendo, certainly. But The Binding of Isaac has sold jolly nicely on PC, recently hitting two million sales according to Edmund McMillen. The co-developer has also spoken more about plans for its remake, Rebirth.

"In the first year we sold a million copies and now we're already up to two million," told Northernlion (via Destructoid). "It's nuts. It's totally nuts. Hopefully we can release this damn remake before the world ends. It'd be awesome for it to come out before the end of the year. I really hope it does." That's not down to him, though.

Rebirth, which is a remake of the original game and Wrath of the Lamb DLC with an extra expansion's worth of content on top. It's only confirmed for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Vita so far, and maybe iOS if it works out, but he says "everybody I've talked to really wants Isaac on their platform. Some want it more than others and others I'm not too keen on working with."

VVVVVV and Cave Story porter Nicalis is doing the bulk of the work, essentially remaking the Flash game from scratch. Moving away from Flash will handily remove lots of problems but also a few artificial limitations, opening up possibilities before.

The original game struggled when lots was on screen, so 'bullet hell' bosses McMillen once dreamed of would be possible, or heaps or flies all over the place. They have time and tech to fix other "majorly cringeworthy" problems he's seen too.

"My goal is to make it so everybody who likes Isaac and plays the Flash version will have a reason to buy it and play it again, and have a better experience with it," McMillen said.

Do listen to the whole podcast if you're a big fan, as they delve into an awful lot of detail.