XCOM shooter relaunch could be soon, based on marketing pack

The mystery surrounding 2K Games' XCOM shooter rivals the conspiracy theories and covert shenanigans the series is known for. First, the game was delayed to fiscal 2014, then rumors surfaced of it switching to a third-person tactical game. Then, the website and screens for the title just disappeared like you were flashed with the "forget-about-it" ray from Men in Black. Now, some marketing materials have surfaced, adding to the speculation.

The care package of goods and papers, received by Videogamer, raises a few more X-Files-esque questions. A redacted page mentioning Agent Carter, a map of Rosemont, Georgia, and a postcard from Pima, New Mexico, were all included in the package. Googling all of them led to an XCOM Wiki.

There have been indications that the game could be rebranded as The Bureau, as those domains have been grabbed by Take-Two Interactive. Check out all of the sleuthing in the video below.