EA wins suit to have 'Edge' trademark canceled

Edge Games CEO Tim Langdell's hold on the Edge name is no more. A California Court of Appeals has ruled the trademark should be canceled, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has complied.

The USPTO notice (via Polygon) cancels five trademarks with various versions of "Edge" in them that Langdell had used to sue games that attempted to use Edge in the title. He attempted to sue Electronic Arts over the game Mirror's Edge; EA fought back.

Publisher Mobigame is also celebrating the news, as Langdell had forced the temporary removal of the iOS game Edge off the App Store for almost three weeks in 2010. "It took us two years to create Edge from scratch, then we waited four additional years for this day to happen," Mobigame's David Papazian wrote on developer Two Tribes' website. "This story represent six years of our lives but now the road is totally clear for Edge."

To mark the event, Edge is on sale for PC, iOS, and Android until April 22.

Of course, Langdell isn't going quietly, filing a protest with the court objecting to the cancellation.