SimCity's 'first significant update' coming Monday

SimCity is getting its version 2.0 patch on Monday, a major update that will make quite a few changes and fixes. EA calls it the game's "first significant update," and says it will pull the game down for approximately two hours at 1 PM PST to issue the changes.

A post on the EA Forums detailed the new features. The HUD will color-correct when set to colorblind mode, and data maps will show a filtered color when enabled, except when in colorblind mode. You can also drive your helicopter, limo, or sports car to work, because Mayors get to do that sort of thing.

The list of fixes and updates is much longer than the list of new features. The region filter will sort ones with available spots at the top, and invitations to regions should transfer more quickly. Various fixes are coming to casinos, education systems, transit, air pollution, recycling, and more as well.