Curiosity update now lets players add back to the cube

The social experiment game Curiosity from developer 22Cans has added another layer of interest to the app. Now, a new update allows players to purchase cubelets to add back to the layers being chipped away, prolonging the previously overriding goal of revealing what was in the center of the cube.

"We don't know quite what will happen," a note within the app said (via Eurogamer). "Curiosity may very well rapidly degrade to reveal its innermost secret or maybe the effects of automatically removing cubelets will be neutralized by players keen to keep Curiosity going."

Players can now buy back 10,000 cubelets (99 cents), 100,000 cubelets ($6.99) or 500,000 cubelets ($10.99). So far, people have bought more than 5.1 million cubelets to add back to the next layer, and 260 layers have already been removed in since the app launched a day early on November 6.