'Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection' rated, teased

The Metal Gear series is no stranger to compilations. With four numbered games and an endless number of spin-offs, Hideo Kojima's saga has been collected in a number of retail packages: Essential and HD. However, another one may be coming soon: "Legacy."

The Korean Ratings Board (via Kotaku) has a listing for "Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection" on the PlayStation 3. This notably comes just as series creator Hideo Kojima tweeted a poster (above) that shows various iterations of Snake, from the original Solid Snake to Old Snake to Peace Walker's Naked Snake. The appearance of Old Snake, and the PS3-only listing, also imply that it could include MGS4.

Previous compilations have had a few pieces missing. The Essential collection came out years before the more recent titles, and the HD Collection notably lacked the original Metal Gear Solid. It would make sense, given the name and the poster, if the Legacy Collection were a more comprehensive set of MGS games, as the company paves the way for the two MGS5 releases, Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain.