Hawken medic mech class stomps out today

You call yourself a mech fan yet what do you do when you clamber up inside your robosuit? You blast other mechs to pieces! You monster. No, the true appreciator dedicates themself to maintaining and restoring mechs as they stomp around. For these noble people, free-to-play mech FPS Hawken today introduces a medic class of mech, the Technician, in a new patch.

"We always attempt to reward players for positively contributing to the team, and the Technician is no different," producer Jason Hughes explained. "We award XP for repairing teammates and performing other supportive acts, and I can tell you that we have some excellent Technician players here at the studio who can top the TDM scoreboard without having the highest number of kills."

Today's patch also brings back one of Hawken's alpha maps, Valkyrie, back under the name Front Line for all four modes. "This large-scale map has wide-open areas destined to become the sites of epic battles, plus plenty of alleys, tunnels, and narrow passageways perfect for launching sneak attacks or lying low between firefights," according to Adhesive's description.

Hit the changelog for a description of the Technician's healing and offensive abilities, plus everything else the patch brings, including oodles of balance tweaks.