EA Sports settlement offers up to $20 payout for past football game purchases

An EA monopoly settlement has tripled its payout size. Electronic Arts agreed in July to pay a pool of $27 million among customers who bought Madden, NCAA Football, or Arena Football games, but fewer-than-expected claimants means more of a payout per claim.

Kotaku reports that the pool itself is remaining at $27 million, with varying payment amounts depending on which platform you bought the games on during the period between January 1, 2005 and June 21, 2012. If you bought a new copy for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, or GameCube, you get $20.37 per game, for up to eight games. If you purchased them on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii, you just get $5.85 per game. You can check out the litigation site for more details.