Rise of the Triad trailer: 17 minutes of multiplayer

Zippy movement, nasty gibs, health packs, and ridiculous weaponry, that's the sort of jazz you'd hope for in a reboot of a vintage FPS, right? Well by golly, the new Rise of the Triad has all that yore-y stuff and more. A new trailer from developer Interceptor Entertainment shows 17 minutes of straight multiplayer action, unedited aside from odd little annotations. Many men are exploded into small pieces.

The deathmatch action sees six players fragging away across three maps filled with elevators, rocket-powered steps, lava, and oodles of Bazookas, Firebomb launchers, and Drunk missiles. Yep, it certainly looks like the old days, aside from the shiny Unreal Engine 3 graphics.

Rise of the Triad is coming to PC "soon" as a $15 downloadable release. It's not just multiplayer, mind. It'll be moddable and have an adjustable FOV and all that other lovely PC game stuff too.

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