Badger 'em up Shelter announced by Pid dev

Do you remember that funny Flash video about badgers and mushrooms? Oh, how you laughed as you sang the song months after the novelty had worn off! But a real badger's life is not all singing and dancing, according to Might and Delight. The maker of Pid today announced Shelter, an "original emotional experience" which'll have you protecting a litter of badger cubs as their mother.

"It's our ambition to create an experience of immersion by making you feel exposed and vulnerable in the sometimes unforgiving hands of the wild," lead designer Andreas Wangler said in the announcement.

Your badger mum needs to lead her cubs to new shelter, exploring and adventuring through nature in all its pretty, awe-inspiring, kill-you-if-you-turn-your-back-for-a-second natureness.

"There are no boss fights in this game. No good or evil elements. It's simply about survival and protecting your offspring," Wangler explained.

Shelter is slated for release on PC and Mac in "late summer." You can support the game on Steam Greenlit, if you'd like to see it there.