Civilization 5 'Brave New World' new cultures, ideology system detailed

Firaxis is slowly unwrapping Civilization 5's next expansion, Brave New World, as we approach its July 9 release. Today the company revealed a large increase to the number of available civilizations, along with details on the new trade routes and ideology systems.

This expansion will bring the number of civilizations to 43. New civilizations include Poland under the rule of Casimir III, Assyria with Ashurbanipal, Brazil with Pedro II, Portugal with Maria I, and the Zulu under Shaka. The trade system is getting major revisions, becoming less abstract and letting players determine their own precise trade routes to pick who they trade with.

"So imagine you're building one of the wonders of the world in Krakow," Firaxis' Ed Beach told Polygon, "you could have all your trade units channeled internally to get that extra production out there and build that wonder faster than someone else and finish it first."

The game will also introduce a new ideology system, which will open up as players reach the Industrial Age. You'll be able to choose from the ideologies Freedom, Order, and Autocracy. Each one comes with its own perks, and can either enhance the victory condition you're currently aiming for, or switch it up completely to try for a new one even that deep into the game.

These additions join a host of other changes like revisions to the cultural and diplomatic victories.