Death Inc. turns to alpha funding, costs $10

Death Inc. may have failed its crowdfunding attempt, but developer Ambient Studios hasn't given up. It's continued making the game and today launched an alpha-funding program, letting you pre-order the Pikmin-y, Dungeon Keeper-ish, soul-reaping, RTS/god game for $10 and score instant access to development builds.

Death Inc. will cost $20 when it launches for PC, Mac and Linux in November, but it's half-price for pre-orders. If you liked the sound of the Kickstarter reward tiers, good news! Paying extra cash can get you a boxed copy, see villagers named after you, let you design a tavern, and more.

Ambient's Kickstarter campaign in February sought £300,000 (around $460,000) to fund the game, but only about $190k was pledged. Kickstarter's rules mean the team walked away with a big fat nothing, other than a fair bit of awareness and a smidgen of pity.

If you've watched those documentaries on television about Grim Reapers and scoffed "Easiest job in the world, mate! I could do better any day of the week," here's your chance to prove it.