Ubisoft creative director wants to make more Blood Dragon

"If you look at what happened after Rambo 3 and Robocop 3, shit just went haywire. We tried to encapsulate that," creative director Dean Evans said when explaining the genesis of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. "Let's look at it like a movie franchise that has jumped the shark and has gone absolutely mental."

A love letter to the "VHS era" of 80s action movies, Blood Dragon has captured the interest of gamers thanks to its surprising and refreshing setting. And it's something that Evans would love to return to. "It would be amazing, I'd love to do more of this sh-t," he told Shacknews.

"The game's pretty stupid and that's fine, because we're in the video games business and it's okay to be stupid sometimes. We don't have to be super-realistic all the time," Evans said. Blood Dragon fully embraces the campy nature of its inspiration, while throwing a few jabs at action games as well. "We have pretty one-direction characters which, once again, doesn't change much in this business."

Although Blood Dragon got its start as a spinoff game of Far Cry 3, Evans sees a lot of potential in the world he's helped create. "If people like this game and what it's about, send a postcard [to Ubisoft]," he advised fans. A sequel has "nothing to do with me," he said. "I'm just a creative director."