New Humble Bundle offers four Blendo games

Blendo Games is in the spotlight this week for the newest Humble Bundle, with four games from the indie developer available in the tradition pay-what-you-want model we have all come to know and love.

Included in the base package for a nominal $1 donation are: Atom Zombie Smasher, an real-time tactical title that requires you to save a city from a zombie infestation; Flotilla, a turn-based tactical game that has baby yetis, toucans and penguins; and Air Forte, a children's game where you test math, geography and vocabulary skills.

If you beat the average price for the package, which is around $3.75 on the Humble site right now, you will also get Thirty Flights of Loving, a first-person game with a strong narrative, and one of Alice's top choices in our Game of the Year voting last year. Soundtracks for the games are included.

Make you payment, and get your Steam keys. Go, now ...