Batman: Arkham Origins to star Black Mask, larger city

Following the reveal of Batman: Arkham Origins and its handheld tie-in Blackgate, more details are coming to light about the pair of games. The prequels are letting WB Montreal reintroduce some characters, but the primary antagonist is completely new.

The Game Informer cover story reveals that this game pits Batman against Black Mask, a mob boss with his own band of assassins. The game will feature supervillains from across the DC universe as well, along with returning characters like the Penguin. A less experienced Batman is said to make mistakes in this installment, like accidentally choking out a witness that he was grilling for information.

The environment itself is roughly twice the size of the last game: half in the seedy neighborhood that had fences put up to make it Arkham City, and the other half a rich neighborhood of the same size. To get around quicker, Batman can summon the Batwing for fast-travel. But traversing on foot will let you witness crimes and stop them, increasing both your experience and level of respect from the Gotham City Police Department.

WB Montreal is introducing a few new systems to the game as well. The so-called "Dark Knight System" introduces the more complicated mechanics progressively, and Batman's investigations have gotten an overhaul. He'll have to find tiny clues and may even come back to a crime multiple times with new information before solving it.

Blackgate for Vita and 3DS, meanwhile, is a 2.5D game letting Batman move around the foreground and the background despite its fixed camera. It adopts some of Metroid-style mechanics like finding items in the world instead of paying for upgrades, but does away with save points in favor of a checkpoint system.

Check out the Game Informer cover story for more details, and be sure to read our analysis on what its inspirations might mean.