SimCity 'Cheetah' speed returns

As SimCity's servers crumbled to rubble and dust at launch, Maxis turned the fastest speed 'Cheetah' off as it scrambled to ease their load and let people actually play. While the game has mostly been stable for a few weeks now, Maxis held off on re-enabling Cheetah speed until it was certain it wouldn't bring things tumbling down again. Which it now is. As of yesterday, Cheetah speed is back for all players.

"Yes, it's true -- we've recently brought back Cheetah Speed," Maxis said on Twitter yesterday. "We're also working on Update 2.0, so stay tuned for more info."

Update 2.0 is known to include fixes for lost progress, Recycling Centers, fire engines, and an assortment of other bits and pieces.

Cheetah speed returned to the test servers at the end of March, but EA was holding off on fully rolling it out lest it bring the house down. Go forth and simulate cities, watching those little people and vehicles skitter around at comical speeds. Whilst listening to Yakety Sax, preferably.