Xperia phones to support DualShock controllers

There are thousands of third-party controllers you can get for Android phones. But what if you don't want to buy a new controller? What if you have an extra PS3 controller lying around?

Sony Mobile will deploy official support for PS3 controllers in their Xperia line of phones. As a new video shows, it's surprisingly easy to take advantage of.

Discovered by Xperia Blog (via Engadget), the upcoming Sony Xperia SP includes a "DualShock 3 wireless controller" option in the menu. Once you connect the controller to the phone via USB, you'll sync the two devices via Bluetooth. So long as you don't connect the controller to another device (say, a PS3), you'll be able to keep the two devices synced permanently. It reminds us a lot of DualShock support for PSP.

Given the growing PlayStation Mobile library, the ability to easily use an existing controller will come in handy for owners of Sony phones. No word if support will extend to third-party PlayStation Certified Devices (such as HTC), but that sure would be neat, wouldn't it?