Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon listing reveals possible date, more 80's references

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon just keeps getting weirder. Following leaks and an April 1st teaser site that seemed aimed at making us assume it was a joke, Ubisoft has been quiet on the issue. A new Xbox Live Marketplace listing might out the game's date, but most importantly, it exposes more of how the game is just straight-up bonkers.

A revealing XBLM listing (via Joystiq) has popped up that gives more details on the game. The description lists it for a May 1 release, which is either a placeholder or an extremely quick turnaround for the standalone game. The listing also confirmed that it's a single-player game (with leaderboards), and showed the same leaked screenshots we saw last week.

Better yet, it touches on more of the 80s-fabulous references. The "VHS vision of the future" is composed of cyborgs, mutants, and nuclear weapons. It even includes actor Michael Biehn of Terminator and Aliens fame, though it doesn't mention if he's in the starring role or an NPC.