New game releases of April 8-14

Next week is light on new releases, but we'll still see the launches of Guacamelee for PS3 and Vita, Microsoft's new Motocross Madness on XBLA, ShootMania Storm, the revamped Age of Empires II HD on PC, and a PS2 Classics re-release of survival horror Fatal Frame.

Here's our list of next week's new releases:



Xbox 360

PlayStation 3

  • Evergreen Avenue (PSone Imports)

  • Fatal Frame (PS2 Classics)

  • Favorite Dear / Jyunpaku No Yogensha (PSone Imports)

  • Guacamelee! (PSN - $15)

  • Mahjong Mahjong: Youchien Tamago-Gumi (PSone Imports)


Nintendo 3DS