Weekend Confirmed 159 - Defiance, Ni No Kuni, BioShock Infinite spoiler discussion

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 05, 2013 1:15pm PDT

In this rare Friday morning-recorded edition of Weekend Confirmed, Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in early birds "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Nikole Zivalich. They kick off the show with a look back at the Rock Band franchise and LucasArts' legacy, before speculating on what happens to those properties. The talk then shifts to some games, as the crew wrap up Ni No Kuni and Crysis 3 and touch briefly on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The show continues with some talk about Defiance and Trion's exceptional handling of the game's launch issues and Nikole Z offers up her latest Storytime segment on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a game so epic that she can't deliver the whole story in a single week. This week's show wraps up with a special edition of the Tailgate, discussing all things BioShock Infinite and going neck-deep into spoiler territory.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 159: 4/5/2013

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  • The discussion around always on requirement for the new xbox makes me gravitate towards the opinion that the consoles pauperize the video games industry, and are slowing down the progress.

    "Always on requirement would be a sign of Microsoft's utter arrogance, and leads to exclusion of people without internet connection."

    First of all, private held company can make any business/design decision it wishes, and people vote with their wallets. If "Always on" is a failure, then it is a misjudgment, not arrogance, as people have other options.

    Second of all - internet access proliferation. I live in Central Europe, so the area which is not usually considered to be on the cutting edge of technology, but still uptime of my broadband can be counted in months, and I don't recall last time when I had to restart my cable modem (neither router - somebody please help Nicole, as her WiFi story made me open my eyes wide ;-)) I have fairly stable 3G internet access in my cellphone, if I wish I can register in my local community and get free WiFi just because I live in the neighborhood, and if everything fails I can fallback to the 3G modem provided by the company I work for.
    And it can get better - I have just came back from the ski trip to Austria, where free WiFi is available at most of the ski stations!
    My TV in always connected, the same for the rest of residents of my AV rack, and if so, why the console - a device which is designed to deliver the most modern kind of entertainment out there shouldn't be?

    Really, it wouldn't surprise me if there would be a group of people lobbying for adding composite video output to the next xbox, as hdmi-only excludes all these people without hdtvs....

    Call me a troll but I do not want my next device to be an iteration of the previous one - my next xbox should be a device carved for the future - always connected, without optical media drive, based on the "game as a service" model.
    I want to be intrigued and amazed.
    You know what? Even better - the next xbox should be a service, not a device!

    For all those DRM-haters without access to the internet I would advice board games (which I love by the way), no inet connection required, no DRM, and on the checkout the game is yours.

  • My ONLY issue with the storytelling in Bioshock Infinite is the connections - however direct, implicit or tangential - to the original Bioshock universe. I didn't need the games to be connected at all and I feel the game suffered most obviously when it tried to make those connections.

    I'm aware that the game has BIoshock in the name, but Final Fantasy games have the same title and have fuck-all to do with each other directly. The underlying themes - both in terms of storytelling and gameplay (which is interactive storytelling, in of itself really) - are what connect the games, not the characters, worlds or events.

    If the only connection that BIoshock Infinite had to Bioshock was a unique, distopian world to explore, an iconic, creepy 'big bad' to deal with, a measure of socio-political philosophies for players to think about and a mix of gunplay with 'magic' abilities, that would be enough for me. The broad connections would have been enough to connect the games under the same banner.

    I compare it to the upcoming Star Wars movies. I am DISGUSTED that the upcoming movies will feature Han Solo, Luke et all in ANY capacity, let alone a major one. Why? It's a chance to start fresh, use the established tenets of the universe (the force, Jedi vs Sith, etc), and take us somewhere new and tell a completely new story, in new worlds, with new characters. Why the fuck do I need the anchor of a connection to a completed narrative in my new narrative?

    Other than that, I have no complaints with the game. Is is as good or as important as the original? No. That was a 'back to the drawing board' game, the same way that Zelda, Halo and the original MGS (and none of the others) were. It was a game that made every person who took pride in making games go back and say 'we have to reach higher'. Bioshock Infinite is less a 'look at where we can go' and more of 'look at how far we've come'.

  • About Anna Comstock, Comstock's wife, Booker says he named his daughter Anna after her mother, it's her namesake.

    A. Comstock is the same woman Booker marries (who dies during childbirth). In one universe she is a party girl who meets Booker (who would love a crazy girl like that) and they get married and have Anna their child, and the mother dies in childbirth.

    In another universe, Anna (mother) meets Comstock, who has been saved, and forgives her of her sins and converts her (as A. Comstock explains in her voxophones).

    Does that explain the question?

  • This was an awesome episode. I really enjoyed the indepth look into the story of bioshock and it's universe. The conversation is over, but it brought up some thoughts that I couldn't help but share. I think, but I may be wrong, that Elizabeth said that Rapture was another possibility. That being said it I think it is possible that Ryan was indeed also Comstock/Dewitt giving the Booker/Bookers we played the same DNA.

    Also as far as Elizabeth goes I think that she is conscience of her other selves and their experiences as or is like the "twins" who seem to be able to see all possibilities and all instances within those possibilities, or at very least what they is pertinent or what their selves are actually involved in. I'm inclined to believe that the tower not only held back her ability to open new tears but also to access that knowledge.

    At the end of the game I felt like I could say "Ah ha! It wall makes sense" and at the same time "whaaaat?" Lol. After listening to what you guys had to say I think that the story isn't so much about the limitless possibilities those are givens but more about which possibilities are the best possibilities, which ones will lead to the desired end result because of the circumstances and attributes of each possibility. From that one booker being able to stop everything, making it to the end, to the crazy vox populi, even to rapture. And I'm not even going to get into how this could might possibly even be able to tie into Bioshock 2, as crazy as that might sound lol.