Ride to Hell rolling out trio of biker games

Biker gangs are curiously under-represented in video games, especially given the popularity of TV series Sons of Anarchy. Doings it best to address this imbalance, Deep Silver has announced three bike 'em ups with the Road to Hell name--one retail, one downloadable, and one mobile. Yes, Ride to Hell, the game it announced in 2008 then seemed to forget about.

The main game is Ride to Hell: Retribution for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the tale of a lone rider's revenge against a biker gang in the 1960s. On foot and on his hog, he'll hurt men with hand and weapon. This seems to be what happened to the Ride to Hell announced all those years ago. That was originally supposed to be a free-roaming affair, but things may have changed..

Developed by racing specialist Eutechnyx, maker of Activision's NASCAR series, Retribution is slated to launch on June 25.

Supporting Retribution is Ride to Hell: Route 666, a downloadable release on the same platforms. It'll have you recruit a gang of bikers and lead them in tactical combat on a ride from Chicago to Los Angeles along Route 666. That's due to launch some time in June, made by Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams dev Black Forest Games.

Finally, Ride to Hell: Beatdown is a "rock'n'roll brawler" coming to mobile doodads. Why develop a series over time when you can drop a game and two spin-offs all at once?

Check the official website for more, and peep this tone-setting CGI trailer: