Analogue sequel Hate Plus formally announced

It's high time we started preparing for the awakening of our digital betters. Thankfully, Christine Love is coming back with a third AI tale in the visual novel series she kicked off with Digital: A Love Story. While Analogue: A Hate Story skipped centuries ahead of Digital, Hate Plus will follow directly on, and even continue from your save file. Love has talked about Hate Plus, originally planned to be a hefty DLC, for months but only formally announced it on Monday (via PC Gamer). "If Analogue was the backstory of *Hyun-ae, then Hate Plus is the backstory of *Mute. It'll continue from your Analogue save file, so each ending will have its own route with equal focus," Love explained. Analogue saw you picking through the files of a long-lost colonising spaceship with the help of AI, trying to discover what went wrong. "It plays similarly to Analogue, but instead of your AI companion simply showing you files they've picked, you'll have to investigate yourself, and discover what happened together!" she said. Hate Plus is due this summer, almost certainly for PC, Mac and Linux. The price is unannounced.

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