Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert bid farewell to LucasArts

In the wake of LucasArts closing, various luminaries of the studio have started to pay their respects. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, who both made their names on Lucas adventure games, have been among the old hands speaking fondly about their experiences.

"Even though part of me felt this was coming, I’m still, somehow, shocked," Schafer told Kotaku. "I never thought that Lucas would actually shut down. I feel badly for all the talented people there. LucasArts was my first job in the industry. And sad to see all that history go away. And all that concept art. I'm going to be dumpster diving behind their offices for a while to see if I can find any old Full Throttle concept art.”

Ron Gilbert, meanwhile, wrote a lengthy blog recounting his memories. "It's hard for me not to be sad. I haven't worked there since 1992, but it was still home to me," he wrote. "I grew up there. I learned just about everything I know about designing games there. I became a real programmer there. I made lifelong friends there. Eight of the most memorable and influential years of my life were spent there. I would not be who I am today without Lucasfilm Games."

He also notes that he still hopes he can get the rights back to Monkey Island. "LucasArts shutting down doesn't change anything since Disney bought them back in Oct. Maybe there will be less of an emotional attachment to it for them. Who knows," he said. "Not me."