Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS is free-to-play, features 3v3 tag-team fighting

As previously reported, Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming to iTouch devices. Developed by the same team that worked on Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, the iOS version of NetherRealm's brawler is a "completely custom experience" for mobile. Not only does it feature a new control scheme for touch (that doesn't involve a virtual D-Pad, thankfully), but it also features 3v3 tag-team fighting--a feature not found in the original game.

The controls are quite clever, at least in theory. You'll tap on the screen for quick attacks, swipe for power attacks, and block by pressing both fingers on the screen. You'll also be able to swap characters by touching their portrait, and access special moves by pressing the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen.

The game will be distributed as a free-to-play app. At first, only three characters will be unlocked. However, additional play will earn tokens that can be used to purchase the remaining characters. (Of course, you can pay real money to purchase token packs.) Every character from the console game will be available to unlock.

Players of both the console and iOS versions of the game will be able to unlock additional goodies across both platforms. For example, "New 52" and "Batman Beyond" skins are only available in the iOS game by playing the console version first.

Here, see the iOS version in action: