Monaco robbing PC and XBLA on April 24

Heist 'em up Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine snatched the IGF Grand Prize three years ago, and now it's pilfered an even finer treasure: a release date. Quickly but discretely form a crew of your most trusted and skilled underworld acquaintances, as the stealing simulator is sneaking into PC and Xbox Live Arcade on April 24.

Monaco's a class-based stealer, with important crew members like a Locksmith, Lookout, Pickpocket, Hacker, and Redhead. Together, you rob places. It supports four-player co-op either online or same-screen, but Johnny and Janie No-Mates can play solo too.

You can pre-order Monaco on PC for $15 to score a DRM-free version plus a Steam key and the 2010 prototype. Four-packs are $45. A Mac version will follow.

Here's a walkthrough of a co-op casino heist mission, from a year-old version of the game: