BioShock Infinite board game in the works

BioShock Infinite has gotten one of the strongest critical receptions in years, including a thumbs-up from our own review. But if for some reason you're still bummed about the lack of multiplayer, you could always get the upcoming board game to toy around in Columbia with your friends that way.

Yes, BioShock Infinite is being adapted into a board game (via Eurogamer). Titled "BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia," the game covers the war between the Founders (Blue) and the Vox Populi (Red), all while the two unaffiliated Booker and Elizabeth tokens make their way through the city and impact both teams. It seems like you'll be taking the role of one of the two warring groups, and the game is designed for two or four players.

The release is estimated to be coming in 2-5 months. It costs a whopping $84.95, but pre-orders get a $25 discount and a promotional Songbird card.