Transistor to have Dark Souls-like multiplayer

Transistor sports some visual and thematic similarities with Bastion, but Supergiant Games is trying out an entirely new challenge as well: multiplayer elements. Creative director Greg Kasavin revealed that it will be more Dark Souls than deathmatch, and explained why co-op hasn't worked for its narrative-driven games.

"Something we're more interested in is a sense of feeling connected to other people who are playing in a subtle way," Kasavin told Rock Paper Shotgun. "You can still have your personal experience around the story, but you always know you belong in a larger [world]. For example, players can sometimes see traces of other players' paths moving around. Things of that nature. What's interesting to us about this world is that it lends itself to some interesting things like that."

He said that while the play style may be able to work in multiplayer, he doesn't see the game having anything like arena combat. He also revealed that the team tried co-op in Bastion, but said it didn't fit for the team's narrative goals for that game or Transistor. "It's not in the cards for us right now. But again, the part where you don't feel alone in the world is very important to us," he said. "Solitude can be a very powerful feeling in games, but we want to use it intentionally. We don't just want it to be the default mode of being in the game. We'd rather play around with it and use it purposefully."