Grand Theft Auto 5 cover revealed, looks familiar

The Grand Theft Auto series has certainly built a recognizable brand. Its tiled cover art style immediately marks a recognizable brand worth millions. That means Rockstar doesn't have much reason to shake up a proven formula, and the Grand Theft Auto 5 cover reveal shows the company is sticking with what works. Rockstar showed off the official GTA5 art on its blog today, and yep, that's sure a Grand Theft Auto box alright. Maybe I'm more apt to noticing because only yesterday I saw this breakdown of the boxart from Reddit user DylanJosh. GTA5 follows the formula almost to the letter, not just in general design principles, but down to incredibly specific elements and placement. Helicopter in the top-left? Check. Seductive lady on the middle-left? Check. Motorcycle on the top-right? Check. The only spot that markedly breaks the formula is the presence of an angry rottweiler instead of a vehicle in the bottom-left, which mostly just makes me hope we can ride that dog around town like a tiny rabid horse.

Grand Theft Auto 5 cover