Zeno Clash 2 punches in on April 30

Stay strong, friend, you only need to face another 28 days of shooting men in the face. Come April 30, you'll get kick, punch, chainwhip, and hammer crabs, elephants, animate statues, and all others sorts of weird and wonderful enemies in the face. That is when first-person biffer Zeno Clash II will launch, see, and that is what ACE Team's game is about.

"The game is coming out April 30th and it is besides the point, but it took us only 1.5 years to make it (and NOT 4 years like you might have been led to believe) :D," ACE Team said in the announcement. It did release roll 'em up Rock of Ages in the interim, after all.

Zeno Clash 2 takes the first-person beat 'em up into an open weird world and introduces two-player online co-op, so you and your chum can smash faces together.

Steam has a 10% discount on pre-orders, and throws in a free copy of the original Zeno Clash too. The regular edition is up for $17.99, while the Special Edition with a digital art book and soundtrack is $26.99. Or, so you can jump right in with a pal, a two-pack is $29.99.

It's coming for download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 too.

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