Hotline Miami 2 to close series in early '90s

Delightful murder simulator Hotline Miami was never supposed to receive a sequel, so we should be jolly grateful that its planned DLC ended up morphing into one. But after that, developer Dennaton Games says, that's it. No more. It'll bow out murdering men in the early nineties then after that, you'll need to satisfy any head-stomping urges yourself.

The sequel will run with parallel plots in the early 90s, developers Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin Joystiq at GDC, including a non-playable appearance by the original's protagonist 'Jacket'.

It'll apparently also give more attention to emotional experiences, Joystiq says. Touchy-feely emotional experiences rather than cutty-stabby ones, we imagine they mean.

Some bands from the original's lovely soundtrack will return, and new ones will cycle in.

The duo also teased that the sequel may launch simultaneously on Vita, as the folks behind the original's Vita port can start on the sequel "right away." They're talking with Sony.

"It's the grand finale, for us," Wedin said. Given that they'd planned to move onto something new entirely after Hotline Miami, yes, certainly, thank you.