MechWarrior Online to launch in 'late summer'

Developer Piranha Games has been releasing regular updates for MechWarrior Online since the game went into open beta in late October. But now, Shacknews has learned of three new features that will be rolling out leading up to the game's official release late this summer.

According to Piranha president Russ Bullock, the maximum size of matches will increase from the two-lance 8v8 to three-lance 12v12, with a planned rollout in 60-90 days. In addition, coming in June or July, UI 2.0 will be released, making it less cumbersome for newer players.

Finally, Community Warfare will be phased in beginning June or July as well. The first phase will offer players the ability to join a faction, the second phase will allow fighting as a faction, and the final phase will allow those factions to fight for territory.

Creative director Bryan Ekman also said that the team is exploring the idea of pirate-type of Lone Wolf that doesn't care for either faction and thoroughly enjoys gaining glory from harassing both.

When pressed about narrowing the "late summer" release date, Bullock said that it would probably be between August 21 to September 21.