OUYA available to buy on June 4th, Kickstarter units shipping now

OUYA, the Android gaming box that took Kickstarter by storm, will be available to purchase on June 4th for $99.99. Early systems are being shipped today for qualifying pre-purchasers. However, if you missed the crowdfunding storm, you'll be able to buy a system from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and on ouya.tv. Additional controllers for the system can be purchased for $49.99 each.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says that there are already 104 published games on the platform, although very few recognizable names. Perhaps the biggest: Final Fantasy 3. There are also a few entertainment apps, including XBMC, Flixster, and TwitchTV. "And developers are releasing new games for OUYA everyday. Eight thousand developers have created developer accounts with us so far," Uhrman said on the official blog.

With its budget price and focus on smaller games, Uhrman believes she can carve out a unique market for her Android console. "Core gamers on average own more than one console. We don't really think it's an either/or situation. We're offering something different," she told GI.biz.