You Don't Know Jack dev whacks iOS with Lie Swatter

You Don't Know Jack developer Jellyvision today launched a new "irreverent" trivia game in the form of Lie Swatter for iOS. The free-to-play answer 'em up is a turn-based multiplayer affair, where you and your chums squish insects bearing lies.

Lie Swatter offers a wide range of whoppers, on topics from astronauts to lobsters. Players are presented with seven flies presenting supposed facts and must uncover the truth by smooshing slanderous pests. Each game has three rounds, so there's an awful lot of squishing and who knows, maybe, just maybe a little learning too.

"Lie Swatter is the further evolution, or devolution, of our brand of twisted trivia, and another chance to prove to your friends that they're dumber than you are. Plus you get to squish bugs," Jellyvision general manager Mike Bilder said in the announcement. "Deceitful, lying bugs."

Download the iOS version free from the iTunes App Store. Jellyvision says it has an Android version is in the works too, "coming soon".