GameStop calls Wii U sales 'disappointing'

When a console fails to gain momentum, it tends to impact connected businesses as well: retailers, developers, and so on. So it should come as no surprise that the Wii U's sales shortfall has also had an impact on retail, and brick-and-mortar chain GameStop said as much directly at an earnings call today.

GameSpot reports that the store's executives called sales "disappointing," and chalked it up to two major reasons. First, the system has not properly explained the system's features to consumers, necessitating an "education process." The second is that the system lacks blockbuster titles to fuel adoption. "We're seeing the ramifications of that today," the company said. Regardless, it expressed confidence that the system sales will pick up when more of Nintendo's top-tier franchises start to arrive.

In general, GameStop called the last year "challenging" for consoles, and it expects the first half of the year to be as well. It does feel the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 and new consoles will boost its profits late this year, though, saying it is "ready to lead the industry and its customers into the next phase of gaming."