Skullgirls crowd-funding ends at $830K, multiple new characters coming

When Skullgirls started a crowd-funding campaign to create a new character, it hoped to make $150,000. It hit that goal in a single day, necessitating the formation of some stretch goals, and the campaign has now ended at a whopping $829,829. That means you're not just getting one new character, but five, and a handful of other extras as well.

The IndieGogo site lists all of the extra goodies Skullgirls fans can expect. The addition of the new character Squigly was reached rather quickly. The characters Big Band, Robo-Fortune, and two mystery characters based on a fan vote will all join in as well, as all of their goals were reached.

Some of the other stretch goals reached will grant various voice packs and most of the new characters getting their own dedicated stages and stories. The only stretch goal that wasn't quite reached was the $850,000 mark, in which the second mysterious character would get its own stage and story as well. Still, the level of goals attained is impressive, and should be providing plenty more Skullgirls content as Lab Zero sets out to make it all happen.