Divinity: Original Sin turns to Kickstarter for polish

Larian Studios announced Divinity: Original Sin in May 2012, and there was much rejoicing. Almost a year later, and after two years of actual development, it's shuffling back a little sheepishly to ask if maybe we could help pay for it. Larian wants $400,000 to apply a bold spit-shine to the RPG prequel, and is hoping we can crowdfund it.

"We want to increase the development budget so we can increase the size of our development team. This in turn will allow us to further increase the amount of gameplay present in our game world," Larian says of the Kickstarter campaign. "We are convinced that we are very close to making a great RPG and we want to rise to the occasion by investing everything we can into it."

It hopes to hire new artists, animators, programmers and testers to create and support more quests, areas, puzzles, monsters, choices, consequences, and all that RPG jazz.

As well as classic RPG-y features like turn-based combat, states and items galore, and yes, an editor, Original Sin has shiny modern things drop-in, drop-out co-op.

Pledging at least $25 will get you a copy of the game when it's finished, which is estimated to be this November. Only PC is confirmed, but Mac and Linux versions are possibilities.