PlayStation 4 UI, social tools detailed

Today at the Game Developers Conference, Sony went into more detail about a host of PlayStation 4 features, including its user interface, social tools, controllers and peripherals. An information screen will include comments from players and available downloadable content before you start up a game, and a "digest" screen will provide a quick overview of your friends' current activity.

Polygon reports that you'll be able to use your friends' real names, and if you link your account to Facebook, you'll be required to use your own real name. Sony wants to make real names visible wherever it makes sense, and the accounts will be tied to players instead of consoles. The company is also expanding the friends limit, but to what it didn't say. PS3 friends lists are capped at 100.

The DualShock 4 itself builds in the Share button, removing that step from developers. Spectators can send comments, and a long-press on the Share button will take a screenshot. The controllers' light bars will also be illuminated to represent the player order: blue for player 1, red for player 2, green for player 3, and pink for player 4. This reflects the colors of the X, Circle, Triangle, and Square buttons, respectively. Those buttons will be digital this time around, as developers barely made use of the analog buttons. The touchpad itself is 1920x900 resolution, and clicks when pushed like a button press. The new PlayStation Eye, meanwhile, will use its own proprietary connector instead of USB.

Sony also detailed Remote Play, which will be mirrored across the PS4 and Vita. Developers will have access to controller mapping to compensate for the Vita's lack of triggers. Finally, the PlayStation App on iOS and Android will be able to purchase an app that will then begin downloading to the PS4 immediately. And thanks to the already-announced ability to begin playing a partial download, you can start playing whatever has been downloaded soon after.